Invitation to interact with The Living University of the Blue Economy in Blue City

The Living University of the BLUE ECONOMY

Yesterday in Ahohabar was the “get together” before that the official start on the Third Living University can begins today October 23, 2017…

Today will be about uniting the Core Group (participants attending the full 5 days) to learn to know each other in order and start co-organising, co-creating and co-realizing their interactive learning process – learning by doing together and from each other.

This time though, there is an innovation. Sure, the University is still organized as a LIVING one (of course – by definition – see my former announcements and updates). But for the first time we are also opening up to allow a number of interactions with and from outside.

We call it an additional breathing feature.

Indeed the program is designed as a succession, over 5 days, of 5 closed and 8 open sessions. Plenty of opportunities thus to bring fresh air inside the core group. Also plenty of opportunities to allow outside innovators for the common Good – mainly coming from Rotterdam, its province Zuid-Holland but from further away, beyond even the Netherlands to come and interact with the CORE GROUP

This OPEN feature could NOT be organised in the two previous editions (First one in El Hiero –Canaries – and second one in Las Gaviotas – Colombia). The reason: the remoteness and the size of the places where they took place.

Rotterdam is worthy of Innovation, is it not? So we organise his OPENNESS for the first time in Rotterdam

How is it designed?

Firstly: This evening there is the Blue Economy Night. It is open to all. It is fully booked/

Then we’ve created 8 further possibilities:  4 MORNING DEEP DIVES and 4 EVENING DINNER JAMS

They are open to all. And they can be booked at the last moment. Is this not worthy of a living process?  The content also is LIVING since it will also be decided in real time – so as to be constantly adapted to the interactions immediately preceding them.

In other words, this breathing is the autopoïetic process that lies at the very core of life and of the new science at the basis for ZERI’s thinking and action –  applied to the living University Design.

Who can attend?

  • Those who are -, or
  • (2) are on their way towards becoming-, or
  • (3) want to engage on the way of becoming:

“entrepreneurs for the common good”.


No need to be in business for that. Entrepreneurship for the common good is open for everyone, in every corner of society at large, from very young, to very old: Everyone really…

We believe indeed that only if more people (i) engage in becoming “masters of their life”, (2)see that everything is interconnected, (3) that is has no meaning to maximize a part (more often than not done at the detriment of another part – externalities) and (4) that hence value, sustainability and resilience lies not in the parts, but in the quality and strengths of the connections, interactions, relations between the parts; That then the conditions will exist for our world to change for the BETTER and the GOOD

This was it for now: I have to run to be in time to join my learning buddies at Blue City

We advice interested parties Follow the info on the website, or request to be kept informed by mailing to Huub Dekkers <> or Bart van de Zande <>

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15/10/2017 Update: The Living University of the Blue Economy in Rotterdam 22-27 October 2017

Opening for witnesses to interact with the Living University

4 Morning Deep-Dives Tuesday 24th through Friday 27th

3 Evening Dinner Jams Tuesday 24th to Thursday 26th

One unique sparkling Blue Economy Night on Monday, October 23rd


Next Sunday, in just a week, the participants to the Living University of the Blue Economy will arrive in Rotterdam and convene for a get together late afternoon/evening in Blue City…

They are coming from all over the World. The diversity of the group is staggering: ages (from 17 to 87 years old), education, past and actual professions and civic activities, position in society, experience, engagement (from very local and micro to geopolitical)…

One thing in common though: a willingness to contribute to the necessary but still invisible and inconceivable metamorphosis happening in the World

What I want to highlight today is the opportunity for everyone to participate to the deep-dives and dinner jams

Can you imagine the power of a core group of participants  interacting with the more than 1000 witnesses – most of the in their own way entrepreneurs for the common good. They will be offered the opportunity to attend one (or more) of the 4 different morning Deep dives on Tuesday thru Friday or one (or more) of the 3 dinner jams on Tuesday through Thursday.

These witnesses – most to emerge as entrepreneurs for the common good – will get the opportunity to share their passion for their own initiative with the core group. What will come out of these learning interactions can be truly staggering.

And it will create relations beyond all boundaries – it will link together the immense diversity of initiatives, that so often remain struck far from their highest potential because not related to a nourishing whole

Edgar Morin said it so well:

On every continent, in every nation, a whirlwind of creative activities, a multitude of local initiatives is happening. It’s is directed towards economic, or social, or political, or cognitive; or educational, or ethical, or live enforcing regeneration. (What should be connected is still isolated, separate, scattered). These initiatives don’t know about each other, no administration count them, no political party takes account of them. They represent however the breeding ground of the future. Salvation will originate from the ground. They should be acknowledged, identified, registered, collected and combined into a variety of  reformation paths. In each and in all, it is required to relate, improve, stimulate. When jointly evolving  these multiple path-ways may combine to chart a new course, to  alter and dissolve the one we are following, leading us to the yet still invisible and inconceivable Metamorphosis.

Edgar Morin in “La Voie” 2011, Freely translated from French

More on these deep-dives and dinner-jams on the website here

Can I also ask your attention for the Blue Economy Night on the 23 of October, with Gunter Pauli, yet another fabulous experience of yet another order.

Interested to come with something to present, or something to share your talents with, or seeking for something to action-learn ?

Feel free to contact the programme managers of the whole event at



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Donald Trump is not the problem – he’s the symptom | openDemocracy

Trump is what happens when you fail to understand our global problems in their interconnected, systemic context.

This, in a nutshell is the analysis brillantly made in this article.

I think it should be read. It  goes beyond what is currently being written, and that frustrates me so much.

The new science, hard and soft, together with the emergent process and practical philosophy, complex systemic thinking, offers “systems intelligent” (Saarinen and Hamalaïnen) new ways of  perceiving and thinking.

Everything looks different  in a process-oriented view emphasizing evolving systems as an integral part of evolution. Here ethics not subject to revelation; it rather is experienced directly by way of the dynamics of self-organizing and creative processes (I paraphraze here the ideas of Erich Jantsch, as set forth in Charper 16, page 263, of  his groundbreaking 1980 book: “The Self Organizing Universe”

It is deeply conforting to read this article. I recommend it to all people of good will who are trying to make sense of our fast evolving world, that some are qualifying as rthe “Third Disruption” (Otto Scharmer)

Rest us now to transform thinking in acting: It is whar we try to achieve in the ZERI and the Blue Economy Networks.

Source: Donald Trump is not the problem – he’s the symptom | openDemocracy

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Best Wishes for 2017

Dear Friends,

I see tall the wishes wishes flowing to me… and obviously I want to send mine too…

Now I must admit that I still don’t quite know how to express sincere wishes to my beloved friends in these extraordinary times in which I feel myself torn between hope and despair.

Some speak about an age of disruption. I know that disruption is very necessary indeed, but I see so many suffering although “real” disruption did’nt happen yet. It is vain to predict or otherwise forebode what lies ahead of us…

What to say,whilst remaining  honest with you, and with myself…

As I was procrastinating the words of my friend Esa Saarinen came up to me:

“Philosophy is a state of fermentation a process without a final outcome”

 Ok, my procrastinating was just fermentation! And I know from the new science of life, that we don’t measure our actions against outcomes but against the process we follow to act…

Normal then that I am still “fermenting” how to live a GOOD life, at the service of the whole and of my cherished family. I know “there is no final outcome”. And no outcome, no roadmap… just a journey in and towards the unknown.

That brought me to remember the words of William the Silent. Around 1500 he is famous saying: “One needs not hope to undertake, nor succeed to persevere”.

He was already in process philisosophy right?

When I am “fermenting” I keep on reading, digging in old text and dicovering new ones…

I am still in this process, yet I need to send my wishes…NOW!

So I decided to share Vaclav Havel’s book “Living in Truth” and his speech at the 1995 Future of Hope Conference in Hiroshima. He qualifies Hope as:

 “…hope is not something to be found in external indications simply when a course of action may turn out well, nor is it something I have no reason to feel when it is obvious that nothing will turn out well. Again and again, I realized that hope is above all a state of mind, and that as such we either have it, or we don’t, quite independently of the state of affairs immediately around us. Hope is simply an existential phenomenon which has nothing to do with predicting the future. Everything may appear to us in its darkest colours, and yet for some mysterious reason we do not lose hope. On the other hand, everything may be turning out just as we would like, and yet for no less mysterious reason hope may suddenly desert us. Clearly, this type of hope is related to the very feeling that life has meaning and as long as we feel that it does, we have a reason to live. If we lose this feeling, we have only two alternatives: either we take our own life, or we choose the more usual way, that of merely surviving, vegetating, remaining in this world only because we happen to be there already.” (Full text can be sent on request)

Dear Friend, this is the closest I have come to share with you my best wishes for 2017, for you and your familily…It does me GOOD to write this to you, I hope it does GOOD to you.



Experience is not what happens to us – but what we do with what happens to us

Otto Scharmer


Continue reading

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2017—Trump—Are We Ready To Rise? | The Huffington Post

Source: 2017—Trump—Are We Ready To Rise? | The Huffington Post

I like the spirit that emanates from Otto Scharmer in this article very much:

It ends with:

There has never been a generation on this earth whose collective actions—the stuff we choose to do or not do in 2017 and beyond—will have such a profound impact on the future of our children and our planet. Let’s not sleepwalk into this year, where so much is at stake, as the leaders of Europe did a hundred years ago when they launched into World War I. This is our moment to wake up to our real intention, to be calm, compassionate, and courageous in environments that will be full of dispute, despair, and delusion.

The root of the word leadership means “to cross a threshold.” That threshold now is right in front of us…

Are we ready to rise?

He comes with 5 suggestions and I can truly feel in “resonance” with him.

  • Adopt a practice of intentional stillness
  • At least once a day, listen deeply to someone who is very different
  • Create a circle or holding space with a few of your closest friends
  • Find ways to link your networks with platforms that promote dialogue and function as a network of networks.

He proposes the the u.lab platform created by MITx, edX, and the Presencing Institute as one of such undertakings?

“The intention of the u.lab core team is to launch a new 2.0 version of our platform in April 2017 as civic media and global public conversation space that facilitates free monthly global live-streamed sessions. These sessions will link change-makers in business, government, and civil society to their peers both in person and virtually. Each session will put the global spotlight on some of the most inspiring living examples of profound innovation in educational, economic, and political systems. Both the narratives of these cases and their tools will be accessible to all participants. This free innovation infrastructure will also provide manifold spaces for deep dialogue and peer coaching support in ways that facebook and other platforms cannot.

The monthly 90-minute sessions, starting in April (every second Thursday of the month), will focus on upgrading the three types of institutions in crises as discussed above: economic institutions (”economy 4.0”); democratic institutions (”democracy 4.0”); and educational institutions (”education 4.0”).”

I’ve long been very Active in MIT’s Organizational Learning Networks, the development of whick was the Presencing Insititute…

I abandoned it to Join Gunter Pauli in ZERI and the Blue Economy.

I am tempted today to see to it to connect both and many others. In fine, is this not whate ecosystems heve learned us. Life evolves towards ever growing dcomplexity, in network patterns through ever more diverse and enriching connections  …

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Invest in Solarus via Crowdfunding

Source: Invest in Solarus via Crowdfunding

Dear Friends,
This requires your full attention.
Solarus Technology appeared in Gunter’s case 53, written in 2010.

It took a while to transform basic research into an industrialized product. Leen Zevenbergen was instrumental in bridging this well know and tricky gap between ideation, research and first prototyping into a market ripe product and platform, capable of solving the basic needs of people requiring autonomy with renewable energy, with micro, small, medium solutions contextually designed and optimized for whatever specific situation wherever in the world.
Solarus has indeed developed a very ambitious strategy of becoming a platform for local development of integrated solutions, and distributed manufacturing, and local capacity building. It enhanced local/regional local economic and sosial development.

Is is flaggergasting to see the progress made. A solar system that captures 4 times more sunpower than the best traditional PV systems in the World!!!
I do recommend you to read the material. You cannot look at it with traditional perception, you’ve to look at it systemically, with a holistic view of things. That’s what makes it unique, and that’s what makes it so powerfull.

This is a unique opportunity for ZERI and Blue Economy network members and sympathizers to invest in a briliiant blue technology, and to learn about the way if will change the world. Your investment will not only be incredig-bly successful, it will also do GOOD to the world and put nature back on its evolutionary course

Moreover, Solarus, is a BCorp (For profit certified company,committed to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency). Worthwhile for you  to discover and learn  from this pathbreaking evolution too.

There is so much more to say, I cannot incite you enough to look at this, and to chip in what you can, to be part of Solarus Sunpower brilliant future and contribute to a better peacefull and dignified  future for all the children in the world.

This is the last chance to Invest. The crowdfunding, already beyond its initial targets, ends end of December 2016.

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What even Apes tell us

In his article: Don’t Cry Over Dead Trade Agreements Professor Dani Rodrik pleads convincingly (I quote):


End of October I congratulated the Walloon government to oppose the CETA agreement betrween Canada and the European Union. only to disci-over, a day after my post, that they had given in to the powerful forces who had lobbied in favour of the  big treaties CETA, TPP, TTIP. Or was it a game they had been playing to draw attention and popularity, or otherwise gain advantages on other fronts?

Yesterday my post was about ‘how to get out of the mess we are in”

Professor Dani Rodrick and George Montbiot all go in a direction we at ZERI believe in: subsidiarity

In a nutschell, what does ZERI believe in:

  1. We are faced with major World challenges
  2. These challenges, if unresolved, will inevitably lead to major geo-political (or other) crisis, since all is linked to all.
  3. Resolving them can lead to Ensuring World Peace for generations to come.
  4. We believe that Ensuring World Peace can only be achieved if we secure to all the people throughout the World a decent life, starting with ensuring that their basic needs are met
  5. The existing (global economic, financial, institutional, geo-political, education and many other… ) systems have shown their incapacity to achieve this.
  6. We believe that change can only come from focusing on ensuring that the basic needs of all are met in local territories, with what is locally available (inclusive finance): we call this the Blue economy

This will enable a new consciousness can start to evolve (autopoïetically) throughout the world – it happened with apes, so why would it not with Humans

(look at this video) about what Apes are telling us…

Source: Don’t Cry Over Dead Trade Agreements

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The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

I quote from this excellent article:

Raymond Williams said that “to be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing”.


This column is the first in an occasional series whose purpose is to champion new approaches to politics, economics and social change. There is no going back, no comfort in old certainties. We must rethink the world from first principles.

And finally

One element has been conspicuously absent from the dominant ideologies, something that is neither market nor state: the commons

Enough for me to incite you to read this article, explore the links.

With ZERI ( and the Blue Economy ( we are trying to be truly radical in perceiving the World and  thinking about the future. We base ourselves on the new science that hes emerged in the late 18th century and is still not mainstream!!!

For a first exposure look at the Earth Talk  lecture of Fritjof Capra, unveiling his new book, co-written with Pier Luiggi Luisi: “The Systems Vieuw of Life: A Unifying Vision“.


Source: The case for despair is made. Now let’s start to get out of the mess we’re in | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

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Thatcher’s Plot — And How To Defeat It

Where can we find a lucid description of the predicament of today’s EU? In a powerful plea for its creation written nearly 80 years ago.

I believe this article, from Professor Philippe van Parijs, excerpted from his Max Weber Lecture “Just Europe” delivered at the European University Institute on November 16, 2016 is not only brilliant, it shows a Way…

It shows the way to Subsidiarity associated with Solidarity…

It also shows the importance to develop Utopias that can give “The People” meaning and Hope for the Future and raise a new consciousness of our interrelatedness with all and everything

It calls for leaders to emerge… But not any kind of Leaders: “True leaders who can conduct the Uphill struggle for a more just Europe (World :authors note) and whose commitment and persistence, whose passion and good judgement will make possible one day what today is – or seems – impossible

Thank you Professor Philippe van Parijs. I will now search for your original  lecture.

Source: Thatcher’s Plot — And How To Defeat It

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Ceta: ‘La Wallonie a vu le piège’

Pourquoi le Ceta pose-t-il problème aux yeux de la Région et du gouvernement wallons? Benoît Frydman, président du Centre Perelman de philosophie du droit (ULB), s’explique. Il évoque également le risque de perte de souveraineté. Entretien.

Rendons à César ce qui appartient à César:

Merci à Benoît Frydman de nous éclairer sur les vrais enjeux

Merci à LLB de lui donner cette occasion

Merci au gouvernement Wallon de résister à la bureaucratie des organisations mondiales et à la pression des forces partisanes

J’espère de tout coeur, pour le bien de nos enfants, que vous résisterez.. César l’a dit aussi Horum Omnium Fortissimi sunt Belgae (nous avons trop peu l’occasion de le montrer)

Car il est grand temps que nous mettions le holà à cette course effrénée vers des futurs illusoires et inacceptables, basées sur un paradigme et une éthique totalement dépassée. Vive un nouveau paradigme, celui de la vie et de son évolution… dont un des grands penseurs, parmi tant d’autres,  a été ‘notre?’ Ilya Prigogine.

Je termine avec Machiavel (un quasi réflexe pour moi):

“Il n’y a point d’entreprise plus difficile, plus douteuse, ni plus dangereuse que celle de vouloir prendre le leadership dans l’introduction d’un nouvel ordre des choses. Parce que l’innovateur a pour ennemis tous ceux qui se sont bien trouvés dans les anciennes conditions, et pour tièdes défendeurs ceux même à qui les nouveautés tourneraient à profit. Et cette tiédeur vient en partie de la peur qu’ils ont de leurs adversaires, c’est à dire de ceux qui sont contents des anciennes et qui ont les lois de leur côté; et en partie de l’incrédulité des hommes, qui n’ont jamais bonne opinion des nouveaux établissements qu’après en avoir fait une longue expérience.”

Ma traduction

Source: Ceta: ‘La Wallonie a vu le piège’

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