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Raising the Bar of our Mental Capacity

“The mark of a first-rate intelligence, Scott Fitzgerald wrote, is the ability to hold contradictory ideas in the mind at the same time and still function”
This ability is calles the ability od a “Self-Transforming Mind” (Kegan & Laskow Lahey)
Gining awareness, believing in the new frontiers of human capabilities, starting the process of “catching up”, whatever your age is the staring process of catching up

These authors further affirm “We are experiencing a mismatch between the World’s complexity and our own at this moment”
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Internet’s Unholy Marriage to Capitalism

Dear Fellow Humans, I am currently totally absorbed by the “Mind Amplifiers” Introduction Course of Howard Rheingold. I am discovering a World of immense Possibility, but become increasingly aware that we might also be on the way to a World … Continue reading

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Beyond WIKILEAKS, What’s Really the Danger of Secrets What’s the Opportunitry of Transparancy

I have known Gerald Fairtlough. He passed away too soon, and too suddenly. As so often, it is when you loose someone that you discover facets of his wisdom, that you dig deeper into hius writings, that you regret what … Continue reading

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The City Might Not Learn from the Financial Meltdown

John Kay, one of my favorite columnists for the Financial Times, has again denounced pratices in the City. Diffusing UNCOMFORTABLE KNOWLEDGE in times of pending catastrophe is not easy. Many probably know, and do not speak. It is a duty … Continue reading

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HOWARD RHEINGOLD embarks on a MIND AMPLIFICATION course. Nothing less than that. I’m one of his proud guinny-pigs.

MIND AMPLIFICATION! Nothing less than that. It’s Howard Rheingold who launches a new program, with as title “Mind Amplification Orientation Course. It is still experimental, and I’ve been accepted as a guinny-pig…What an honor, what a possibility for me… What … Continue reading

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