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Heading to Berlin #okcon2011 Check out Wednesday 29/6 tru Saturday morning 2/7

This introduction is meant to “justify” my presence at the Open Knowledge Conference in Berlin.

And I am diffising it widely. Why? Because I hope that some serendipitous encounters will also happen outside of the conference boundaries…In Berlin, a mythical place, with Berliners and non Berliners… Continue reading

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@MercedesBenz_TV It is time to change your ways!!!

Mercedes, like the vast majority of other companies, believe they are squeezed between providing returns to their shareholders and being generous with their clients, their employees, the envoronment and their community…
What an error! By concentrating on shareholder value, they destroy what they want to achieve… The customers, the people in the company, the suppliers, the allies, the socio-economic environmant, society at large. They are all to be nurtured and respected in order to obtain sustainable financial performance. Long term shareholder return is the consequence of nurturing all the stakeholders of an organization, it is not a goal. Continue reading

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The Future of Internet: “Cela Passe ou Cela Casse!” UP TO US TO REMAIN GENERATIVE !!!

This book joins my list of the MOST IMPORTANT BOOKS OF OUR TIME It is a must read… I read it this week-end, hence only once. But I am sure of my intuition. I wanted to share it at once … Continue reading

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