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The Mythical Drop: Towards Collapse? Towards Collective Intelligence?

The departure of a senior executive on Moody’s reveals the perversity of the corrupted system we are lin-ving in. I wonder what drop will lead to what. Collapse and exhaustion (extinction) or collective intelligence , respecting plurality of opinions and worldviews, developping a deliberative quality so that each is listened to and taken account for in designing, perhaps clumsy, but acceptable solutions for all! Continue reading

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Another Masterful FT Column from John Kay #cooplit

I comment On a column by John Kay.
He evokes two broad economic theories describe the allocation of income and wealth. How can we rebalance the power structure of global society?…I don’t answer in this post, but envisage what might happen if we do: Usher the design of real plural democratic institutions! How? Everyone gets truly listened to, and his/her ideas truly accounted. Then and then only, it seems to me, will we all discover how close we are to a renewed view of our shared Humanity. I conclude with a quote on Utopia. Continue reading

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Is this video really “The Most Important Video You’ll Ever See”? To what question does it lead us?

Growth, mathematics, economics and interests: What question should we formulate to solve the intractable problems of our age? Continue reading

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In Freiburg Germany tomorrow 4 #attac Su

In Freiburg Germany tomorrow 4 #attac Summer University with a host of other social movements Discovering minds 4 change

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A New Global Monetary System: What is needed for paradigm changes to happen?

I wonder whether my comment with accompanying evidence as reaction to an article In Europesworld, on the tpoic of a new monetary system for the Eurozone, will result in some dialogue starting between proponents of radically opposed views. I hope so, since I believe that the essence of democracy is that all voives are listened to and recognised in the decision making processes. Continue reading

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