Sustainability: An Essentially Contested Concept? Against Consensus? What’s The Benefit to Mankind of Contradictory Certainties & Irreconcilable Opposed Views?

The Sustainability Concept Paper Michael Thompson discusses in Sapiens Revues is very challenging, breakthrough thinking indeed, as is the Paper he discusses..
Although it was written in support of the Cities as Forces for Good in the Environment Project, its impact is way broader than that:It can/should be read as a Universal Concept Paper for any Deep TransitionIn my opinion it incorporates the Kind of Thinking that brings us to a higher level of thinking about how wa can change the World and escape our current predicament.

Indispensable thus,  I believe,  for the great majority of us who so want to Transition to a new, more dignified, civilization.

And  breakthrough thinking is needed indeed, if we believe Einstein, paraphrasing his words:
The Immense Problems of our era will only be solved at a higher level of thinking/consciousness that that from where they were created.

So go and read Michael’s  discussion, it may wet you appetite for reading Bruce Becks Sustainability Concept Paper (freely available on the web ). I recommend to at least read the Abstract, Preface, Executive Summary, Introduction and Chapter 6 and 7.

It might also push you on the road to this higher level of thinking that is so needed. A Truly Essential Breakthrough and a very Practical process for starting and achieving the journey.

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In October 2011, CFGnet (Cities as Forces for Good Network) published a Sustainability Concepts Paper: “Cities as Forces for Good in the Environment: Sustainability in the Water Sector” (Beck, 2011). Authored by chemical and environmental engineer M Bruce Beck, this grand oeuvre addresses the Big Questions of how one might approach the re-engineering of city infrastructures, subject to the “Triple Bottom Line” of environmental benignity, economic feasibility and social legitimacy. Michael Thompson comments.
Sustainability Is An Essentially Contested Concept



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