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MUST:Bernard Lietaer’s most efective vi

MUST:Bernard Lietaer’s most efective video. Fundamental solutions to the crisis. Monetary Architecture for 21rts century. Advertisements

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New Year Hope N° 2: Chido’s Life and “The Future Of Hope” Project Demonstrating “The Future Of Leadership”

I belief Chido’s project shows admirably how social innovation and entrepreneurship is spearheading the way towards the “Future of the Economy”, as indicated in my previous blogpost.
But there’s much more than that in her story: What I want to highlight here, what amazed me beyond measure, and what brings me so much hope, is her extraordinary example of:
The kind of Leadership we will need to transform our World…
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New-Year Hope N° 1: Enlightened Businesses Can Bring About The Paradigm Changes Our World Needs

I have seen and experienced an increasing number of companies who are changing their purpose to becoming “socially legitimate”, environmentally benign” whilst reinforcing their “economic clout” . I do belief in the huge impact that these individual transformations will have on society at large. My despair has totally disappeared. Rest me to discover these companies and help them in their transformation. Continue reading

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Best Wishes for 2012 : from Despair to Hope and Memory

So my friends, I hope that Hope will fill your mind and heart in 2012, and that it might allow you and your beloved, and Humankind at large, to reach the full potential of the immense possibilities for “Good Life” that lies hidden in everyone and all of us.. Weaving Huntington, Fukuyama, .Elie Wiesel, Vaclav Havel to comabt Nostalgia, Cimera and Sisyphus’ ordeal Continue reading

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