“Money and Sustainability” The Club of Rome Presents Another Breathtaking Report, 40 years after Dennis and Dana Meadows’ “Limits to Growth”

40 years after Dennis and Clara Meadows’s “Limits to Growth”, the Club of Rome presented yesterday another new breathtaking report, “Money & Sustainability” authored by Bernard Lietaer, Christian Arnsperger, Sally Goerner and Stefan Brunnhuber.

The World can be transformed, social technologies are available: the question is whether we can thansforme what divides us into opportunity. Is it a dream to believe that we all can constructively tackle the structural issues that have lead us whare we are, reversing the horrific tendencies? We can all win, instead of all losing.

The Club of Rome has undertaken to enter the battle for combining reason and heart. Courageous indeed. This rises hope that we can at last move beyond insanity, towards a bright future.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and again, expecting different results”.


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About charlesvanderhaegen

I am a grandfather of an immensely inspiring family, thanks to the most incredible wife. To satisfy my family's needs, I was for 30 years business entrepreneur, roller coasting between success and failure. 17 years ago I was forced to stop and reflect. I dug into theory and discovered the World out there, that my involvement in Business had kept hidden to me. I feared that I will not escape remaining amidst my trans-disciplinary quest forever, bouncing back and forth from action to theory, always puzzled by Europe's apparent incapacity to free itself from its Institutional/Technological Lock-ins. My horizon opened up when Gunter Pauly, my intimate friend of 35 years, asked me to join him and take charge ZERI's development in Europe. I am now fully engaged alongside Gunter Pauli in the http://www.zeri.org and the @myblueeconomy Networks as CEO of ZERI.EU vzw (Non for Profit association)
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