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Wealth Inequality in Motion.

What a flabbergasting presentation. Wake-up to reality, yes, sure, and what will happen then? Has somebody such a chart for other western countries and for other “outlier” countries. Which country ressembeles what Dan shows the Americans to consider “ideal?   … Continue reading

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Vandana Shiva : We Live in a Very Violen

Vandana Shiva : We Live in a Very Violent Economic Order To Which War Has Become Essential

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Vandana Shiva in Los Angeles Yesterday: We Live in a Very Violent Economic Order To Which War Has Become Essential

we are living in a very violent economic order to which war has become essential—war against the earth, war against women’s bodies, war against local economies and war against democracy. And I think we need to see the connections between all these forms of violence, which impact women most. Whether it’s climate change or biodiversity erosion or seed monopolies, all of it is connected. It’s one piece. Continue reading

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