Vandana Shiva in Los Angeles Yesterday: We Live in a Very Violent Economic Order To Which War Has Become Essential

Let’s listen to Vardana Shiva here
Why is it that we don’t listen to these voices?
What happens if we only listen to what comes to us? To the  “Merchants of Doubt” (Naomi Oreskes & Erik Conway)
We should not, is the forceful answer of Marco Verweij and Michael Thompson: in a proper democracy all voices should be enabled to express themselves, to be listened and responded to (see Clumsy Solutions for a Complex World)
Are all  voices enabled free expression, are they listened and responded to in public decision-making?

I believe not, Does this mean thet “Democracy is Lost”: Yes seems to say Laurence Lessig in “Republic Lost”. I tend to follow him on that.

Let’s start with ourselveses: if only each of us would go out of our way to find out and listen to all the voices, trying to discover those that are repressed, silenced, ridiculed, sidelined… If they are, is it not an almost sure sign thet “Closed Hegemony” or “Colluding Dyads” are at work?

Fooling democracy, fooling us, and in so doing putting at risk the future of our Grandchildren.

Let’s listen and let’s respond to all the voices! Let’s start with Vendana’s

Vandana Shiva on Int’l Women’s Day: “Capitalist Patriarchy Has Aggravated Violence Against Women” »

... we end our International Women’s Day broadcast with the Indian feminist, activist and thinker Dr. Vandana Shiva. The author of many books, most recently “Making Peace with the Earth,” Dr. Shiva discus…”
 Among Vendana’s first words:
…we are living in a very violent economic order to which war has become essential—war against the earth, war against women’s bodies, war against local economies and war against democracy. And I think we need to see the connections between all these forms of violence, which impact women most. Whether it’s climate change or biodiversity erosion or seed monopolies, all of it is connected. It’s one piece.


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