Parenting from before conception: Babies’ health doesn’t ‘start from scratch’

There’s now overwhelming evidence that a child’s future health is influenced by more than just their parents’ genetic material, and that children born of unhealthy parents will already be pre-programmed for greater risk of poor health, according to researchers. “The reality is, the child doesn’t quite start from scratch — they already carry over a legacy of factors from their parents’ experiences that can shape development in the fetus and after birth. Depending on the situation, we can give our children a burden before they’ve even started life,” experts say.


Health should be the primary concern of our societies…

If we would learn to live healthy, we would learn to live in peace with each other, in healthy communities, and we would see to it that we produce and eat good and healthy food, so agriculture would become more responsible and less polluting, we would avoid all activities (Raw materials, industries, products and services, technologies and  and institutions)  that DO interfere with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life…

We would change our way of perceiving, thinking, acting, and life according to other values and ethics

For example: We would challenge the domination of the patriarchal order and value systems – expansion, competition and object-centered consciousness. We would not suppress it, but balance it with feminine consciousness, with its experiential knowledge that all life is connected, that our existence is always embedded in the cyclical processes of nature, and that thus focuses on finding fulfillment in nurturing relationships rather that in the accumulation of material goods…

Yang (patriarchal) and Ying (matriarchal) in equilibrium…


(This last paragraph largely inspired and  paraphrasing Capra and Luisi’s analysis in their book "The Systems View of Life pages 373 and 374).


See on Scoop.itThe future of food health and agriculture


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I am a grandfather of an immensely inspiring family, thanks to the most incredible wife. To satisfy my family's needs, I was for 30 years business entrepreneur, roller coasting between success and failure. 17 years ago I was forced to stop and reflect. I dug into theory and discovered the World out there, that my involvement in Business had kept hidden to me. I feared that I will not escape remaining amidst my trans-disciplinary quest forever, bouncing back and forth from action to theory, always puzzled by Europe's apparent incapacity to free itself from its Institutional/Technological Lock-ins. My horizon opened up when Gunter Pauly, my intimate friend of 35 years, asked me to join him and take charge ZERI's development in Europe. I am now fully engaged alongside Gunter Pauli in the and the @myblueeconomy Networks as CEO of ZERI.EU vzw (Non for Profit association)
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