Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Warns U.S. Food Not Safe for Britain

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is always looking for

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Edgar Morin wrote in his book "La Voie" page 134:


"On every continent, in every nation, a whirlwind of creative activities, a multitude of local initiatives is happening. It’s is directed towards economic, or social, or political, or cognitive; or educational, or ethical, or live enforcing regeneration. (What should be connected is still isolated, separe, scattered). These initiatives don’t know about each other, no administration count them, no political party takes account of them. They represent however the breeding ground of the future. Salvation will originate from the ground. They should be acknowledged, identified, registered, collected and combined into a variety of reformation paths. In each and in all, it is required to relate, improve, stimulate. When jointly evolving these multiple path-ways may combine to chart a new course, to alter and dissolve the one we are following, leading us to the yet still invisible and inconceivable Metamorphosis."

Freely translated from French


The reason  Why Chef Jamie Oliver as to come out in the press as he does here is not important. He participates in the Whirlwind…


There’s more:


The same Edgar Morin said in an interview ( also freely translated from French):

"One must constantly rest on an acting “avant garde” (vanguard). There’s never preliminary consensus with respect to innovation. One doesn’t progress on the foundation of average opinion, which is not democratic; but “mediocratic”. One progresses on the foundation of creative passion. All and every transformational innovation is first and foremost deviance. It diffuses when becoming a trend before becoming a historic power."


Well, perhaps Jamie after all is an " acting avant garde" , acting FOR healthy food, and AGAINST  the most vicious and controversial initiatives recently undertaken, inspired a closed hegemony of BIG Business/finance and BIG Governments:  It concerns a whole range of secret trade negotiations, being conducted with the effect of giving BIG Business (especially Agro-Food and Pharma) rights to i.a. trump government regulations and citizens initiatives.

So you should read more about these issues of TTIP, TPP, ACTA, CIOICA, RCEP, PIPA,…


See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transatlantic_Trade_and_Investment_Partnership and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Pacific_Partnership


And I thanks to Chef Jamie Oliver for raising these issues… He is "Avant Garde" after all and we need that since the established media are of course very low key on these issues…


See on Scoop.itThe future of food health and agriculture


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  2. Nice quote about transformation being deviance…Thanks!

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