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From Bamboo to Generative Transcontinental Cooperation and ZERI in Europe

After reading Dirk Hebel’s powerful article Bamboo Could Turn the World’s Construction Trade On its Head What struck me most was the observation of how the so called development aid has further “divided the planet between those who produce goods … Continue reading

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Energy sector faces increasing pressures from climate change – new report

Charles van der Haegen’s insight: The solutions exist: renewable energies, such as the World première project who will be inaugurated in El Hierro on Friday.Why then do these solutions not implement quicker.Was Machiavelli right in saying: “It ought to be remembered that there is nothing more di… Continue reading

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Fukushima’s Children are Dying

Charles van der Haegen’s insight: I spend my Saturday skimming through the “alternative press”.I must say this story is what makes me so depressed.How is it possible to have gone to such extremes?As Westerner I feel very responsible, because in the end it is our civilization that we’ve exported e… Continue reading

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